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Air cargo tonnages soften in last two weeks

According to AJOT, global air cargo tonnages continued to soften in the last two weeks, with average air cargo rates also dipping slightly last week, amid a broader pattern of overall tonnage and yield stabilization on a slight and slowing downwards trajectory.

Comparing weeks 12 and 13 with the preceding two weeks (2Wo2W), overall tonnages decreased by -2 per cent versus their combined total in weeks 10 and 11, and average worldwide rates decreased by -1 per cent, with capacity more or less stable – based on the more than 400,000 weekly transactions covered by WorldACD’s data.

At a regional level, the weakening development in air cargo tonnages continues between markets such as Middle East & South Asia (-5%) on a 2Wo2W basis, flows ex-North America to Asia Pacific (-8%) and to Central & South America (-6%), and flows ex-Europe to Central & South America (-8%).

Notable increases were recorded on the flows between Middle East & South Asia and Asia Pacific (eastbound +26%, westbound +5%), while demand on the big lanes from Asia Pacific to North America and Europe remained broadly stable. Average rates continue to show a stable trend on a 2Wo2W basis for Asia Pacific, and an increase for Middle East & South Asia (+2%). For all other regions the average rates are declining.


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