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Despite cutbacks, Amerijet maintains expansion plans

Freighter operator Amerijet is maintaining plans to expand its fleet despite changing market conditions resulting in the carrier needing to reduce staff numbers. The carrier, who’s been expanding its fleet in recent years, said it had reduced its workforce by 15 positions last week based on current business needs. Christine Richard, Senior Director, Marketing, Amerijet said, “Laying off employees is one of the most difficult decisions a company has to make.” She added, “The Latin American and Caribbean countries’ slow economic growth affects all carriers providing service to this region.” She said, “And we continue to hire pilots, primarily focusing on direct entry captains as we expand our fleet.” Currently, the airline operates a fleet of 23 aircraft—17 B767Fs and six B757s. Tim Strauss, Chief Executive said the airline was hoping to expand its fleet from 22 to 27 aircraft this year.

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