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DHL Aviation’s GoGreen Plus option to slash CO2 emissions

DHL Aviation, the in-house airline of DHL Express, is launching a new GoGreen Plus service for its air cargo product. The new GoGreen Plus service allows customers to reduce (‘inset’) the carbon emissions associated with their cargo using SAF. From June, DHL’s air cargo customers can choose the GoGreen Plus service for their shipments, with customers being given the chance reduce CO2 and utilize the SAF. Travis Cobb, EVP Global Network Operations & Aviation, DHL Express, said, “Our goal is to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Using SAF is key to reducing carbon emissions in aviation and our GoGreen Plus service is made possible following our collaborations with bp and Neste to supply SAF to DHL Express hubs around the world.” Ingrid Raj, SVP, Global Head Aviation Commercial, DHL Express, said, “In setting through GoGreen Plus allows customers to bring down their Scope 3 emissions, the indirect greenhouse gas emissions that occur in a company’s value chain, including downstream transportation and distribution. With the introduction of GoGreen Plus, we empower our air cargo customers to make sustainable choices and embolden their contribution to reducing carbon emissions.”


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