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DHL International ME retires B767-200 ops in Bahrain

DHL International Aviation Middle East (ES, Bahrain International) has retired its last B767-200 (SF) and completed transition to an all-B767-300F fleet. A9C-DHQ operated by the Bahraini DHL Express carrier since 2018, flew commercially for the last time on 27 May 2023, from Jeddah to Bahrain International. Flight radar 24 ADS-B data shows it was ferried to Leipzig/Halle on the same day, and onwards to Bangor and Wilmington, NC on 28-29 May. The aircraft was the last of seven B767-200 (SF)s once operated by the DHL International Aviation Middle East. A DHL Express official said, “We have retired the last Boeing of seven 767-200 freighter once operated by DHL International Aviation Middle East. It flew commercially for the last time on May 27, and then ferried to Wilmington via Leipzig and Bangor. The Bahraini airline now operates nine 767-300ER freighters (five BCF and four BDSF). A 10th aircraft (BDSF) will commence operations later this month.” Following the retirement of the 200 (SF)s, the Bahraini airline now operates six B767-300 (ERBCF)s and three B767-300 (ERBDSF)s. It has plans to further grow the fleet by up to 12 units.


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