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dnata handles 135,000 tons of perishable goods in Dubai

dnata handled 135,000 tons of mangoes, strawberries, and tomatoes per annum at Dubai Airports through its advanced cool chain facilities in Dubai up to 31 March 2023. The popular imported products handled in Dubai included fruit and vegetables, which come from Europe, the Far East, South Asia, and Africa. dnata exports a significant quantity of local UAE perishables, including shipments of frozen fish to

Ethiopia, bread and yoghurt to Djibouti, and fresh milk to Somalia. dnata continues to invest in infra and equipment to ensure safe handling of perishable goods. With temperatures rising above 40°C during the summer in Dubai, dnata’s cutting-edge facilities are equipped to maintain all IATA standards for temperature control ranges at all stages of the cargo handling process. dnata’s cool chain facilities at its Dubai World Central hub provide 22 separate storage areas, offering -20°C deep freeze through to refrigeration and 25°C controlled room temperature. This includes transportation to and from the aircraft in high-tech ‘cool dollies’, designed to serve perishable and pharma industries with a closed temperature-controlled system. Guillaume Crozier, SVP, UAE Cargo & Global Cargo Strategy, dnata said, “We are committed to investing in infra and the latest, digital technologies to strengthen Dubai’s position as a leading global cargo hub. Despite extreme weather conditions, the authorities ensure that each piece of perishable cargo remains at its optimum storage temperature throughout the transportation process.”


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