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ACA win showcases nature of industry: CEO Salt Technologies

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

The recently held Arabian Cargo Awards 2023 in Dubai brought together a host of companies; among which was Salt Technologies, which won the coveted award for Fastest Growing Cargo Technology Development Company. Shankar Subramoniam CEO, Salt Technologies, said “This achievement holds significance for both me personally, for our organization and fraternity.

This victory is a testament to our collective dedication, expertise, innovation, commitment to excellence in the field of logistics and Supply chain. On a personal level, this victory represents the culmination of smart work, dedication, milestone in my career, marking a moment of professional recognition and growth and the collaborative spirit that defines our fraternity. It reaffirms my belief in the strength of our new startup called Salt Tech (SALT means Sea, Air, Logistics, Technology provider) and the capabilities we possess to overcome challenges in the dynamic field of logistics.”


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