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Dubai to host Fleet and Mobility Summit on 8 June

The second edition of the Fleet and Mobility Summit will take place at the Habtoor Polo Resort in Dubai on 8 June 2023, Truck & Fleet Middle East team has confirmed. Returning for the second year, the Fleet & Mobility Summit will once again bring together professional fleets to discuss how their businesses can take advantage of the wave of mobility technology hitting the market. A unique mixture of test drives, tech demonstrations and expert insight, the second Fleet and Mobility Summit will ensure stakeholders get together to extend their knowledge base and see the technology and practices that will shape their businesses for years to come. Registration for the event is complementary but mandatory for industry professionals. “The first Fleet and Mobility Summit was one of the most exciting events I have been involved in, so I cannot wait to get the B2B and B2C fleet community back in the room together,” said Stephen White, Head of Content, Truck & Fleet Middle East.

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