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Emirates, Transguard deal to ferry diamonds, jewellery from India

India’s gems and jewellery exports to the UAE have surged in the past year by Transguard. Transguard has signed an exclusive deal with the GJEPC to this end. With this deal, Transguard will provide end-to-end logistics support, from round-the-clock transportation and door-to-door services to vault management and the safe storage of diamonds and jewellery. The division securely transports billions of dollars’ worth of gems, jewellery, cash, and other valuables in a year. GPJEC has set up its first global office, the India Jewellery Exposition (IJEX) Centre in Dubai Gold Souk in Deira. As part of the agreement, Transguard will insure all exhibitors’ products stored in the vault. The team is expected to handle diamonds, jewellery and gems worth around AED 100 million this year, with exponential growth predicted in the next three years as trade between India and Dubai continues to boom. India’s gems and jewellery exports to the UAE grew by a whopping 16.54 per cent to US$5.77 billion in 2022-23.


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