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FedEx introduces electric vehicles in the UAE

FedEx announced the deployment of its first three electric vehicles (EVs) to its fleet in the UAE as part of its efforts to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable logistics. The company stated the initial phase of this eco-friendly fleet will focus on parcel pickup and delivery operations within high-traffic areas in the UAE. The EVs introduced have zero-tailpipe emissions and, on a full charge, have a delivery capacity of 280 kilometers operational range. This extensive range, combined with the EV charging stations installed at FedEx facilities in the UAE, ensure that the vehicles can easily cover a full day’s route, making them an environmentally responsible choice for last-mile delivery solutions.

Earlier this year, the company completed EV trials in the UAE to test the operational effectiveness of EVs on a standard route fully loaded with packages.

Introducing EVs in the UAE contributes towards the company’s goal of achieving carbon-neutral operations globally by 2040. Vehicle electrification is one of the key areas in this journey. By 2025, FedEx has a goal to make 50% of FedEx Express global pickup and delivery vehicle purchases electric, with the aim of increasing to 100% of new vehicle purchases by 2030. In the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region, FedEx deploys more than 400 EVs across eight markets, including India and South Africa, with the region’s largest EV fleet in China, to help increase the pace of decarbonization.


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