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Fits Cargo, Airblox platform to expand reach of forwarders

Airblox has added the hybrid physical and virtual cargo carrier Fits Cargo to its marketplace. Forwarders on the Airblox platform now have access to Fits Cargo’s capacity and charter services. Based in Sri Lanka, Fits Cargo operates out of Dubai as well, Zameer Marikkar, Senior Vice President said, in the backdrop of the ACE Summit in Abu Dhabi. “Fits Cargo’s addition to the Airblox platform is testament to our commitment to deliver excellence and innovation in air cargo logistics,” Iyman Mustafa, Head, Business Development, Airblox said. Airblox is an online hub for the air cargo market where forwarders can search and negotiate contract rates while accessing financial solutions. “With the prospect of introducing more forwarders to our unique products, we look forward to a fruitful partnership with Airblox as we expand our offerings to enhance the global reach of forwarders and streamlining the logistics process,” Musaab Kassim, Director, Fits Cargo, said. 

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