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Freight broker activity using IT a possibility for region with eGate

As freighter activity in the Middle East keeps progressing, eGate Egypt has obtained the first licence in Egypt to practice the activity of freight broker for land transport of cargo using information technology. This was possible after signing a cooperation agreement with the Egyptian domestic and international Land Transport Regulatory Authority. The agreement was witnessed by Kamel El-Wazir, Minister of Transport, Essam El-Saghir, founder of eGate Egypt, and Sayed Metwally, head of the authority. The licence allows eGate Egypt to launch the “Bostagy” platform for smart transportation, which uses artificial intelligence to connect customers with owners of various types of transportation, from light to heavy vehicles. Customers can request, track, and pay for the transportation they need through the application, using different payment methods. The platform currently has more than 10,000 vehicles available and has provided transportation for many international companies operating in Egypt and 11 other countries in the region.


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