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IATA’s DG AutoCheck launches with dnata

IATA announced dnata has become the first company to adopt ‘Connect API’, the newest feature of IATA’s DG AutoCheck (validation tool of the shipper declaration for dangerous goods as per IATA’s rules). Connect API will help in digitalization of the air cargo industry by automating the transfer of data from DG AutoCheck to other systems in the industry’s value chain. This connectivity has been enabled via IBS Software’s iCargo solution, currently being implemented across dnata’s global network. Connect API can be used flexibly in line with user priorities. dnata plans to use Connect API to link its warehouse management system (iCargo) to DG AutoCheck to automate the creation of notifications to captain (NOTOC). Other applications include linking DG AutoCheck to operational or accounting systems and cargo management systems (CMS). Frederic Leger, IATA’s Senior VP Commercial Products and Services, said, “Today it can take up to 100 minutes to get flight crew of freighter operations, detailed information on dangerous goods in the payload through NOTOC systems. With Connect API, this will be instantaneous.

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