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Italy collaborates with airports in GCC

At recently concluded International Airport Show in Dubai, a total of 28 Italian aviation companies took active part in proceedings and highlighted their interest in the region. Airport show provided platform for Italian aviation firms to develop their presence in ME, Africa and South Asia.

escribing its largest ever contingent at the Airport Show 2022 in Dubai, Italy and the UAE are clearly headed towards a new, green mobility and a digital transformation, Italian expertise on offer during the event included firms belonging to the segments such as ATM, Airfield, GSE, construction and services, engineering and consulting, IT and terminal operations.

The airport show provided an ideal platform for Italian aviation and technology companies to develop their presence in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Air Tech Italy, a leading trade association, representing Italian companies specializing in supplying products, technologies and services for airports and airtraffic control, were engaged with suppliers from the GCC.

Pao la Lesmo, Senior Consultant, Air Tech Italy, said, “We met many global suppliers who were happy to associate with us. We have seen over the past two years that many cargo airline events have been delayed, but this was not the case with Dubai.” She and others from Italy are a part of Bombelli Airport Equipment.

Founded in 1889 in Milan, Italy, Bombelli (Angelo Bombelli Costruzioni Metalliche

Srl) has evolved from being a pioneer in the construction industry structural steelwork sector to become a point of reference globally in the manufacturing of airport ground support equipment (GSE), cargo handling equipment, cool chain solutions and snow removal equipment. The company deals with 120 airports worldwide offering 130 years of experience. Closer to home these include Qatar Airways and Oman Air.

Cargolux Italia is an Italian cargo airline, set up as a JV between various Italian investors and Cargolux. Its head office is located at Vizzolaz Ticino and its hub is Milan Malpensa Airport.

The airline was established in December 2008 and commenced operations in June

2009. AlisCargo, which took over part of the former Alitalia cargo activity, is another leading cargo airline Italy has along with Poste Air Cargo. In addition to these, DHL is quite active in Italy, all across Europe.


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