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‘KSA to run hydrogen train for supporting logistics operations’

Minister of Transport and Logistics Saleh Al-Jasser said Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will operate the first train powered by hydrogen in the region to facilitate logistic operations. “The cost of transportation using alternative energy is declining rapidly,” the minister said, while addressing the COP28 conference in Dubai. “Transportation sector is one of the biggest causes of climate change and the increase in carbon emissions and pollution. In Saudi Arabia, it represents the second largest source of emissions, followed by the energy sector, which constitutes 19 percent of total emissions,” he said. The minister added, “The KSA aims to reduce CO2 carbon emissions by about 267 million tonnes by the year 2030, and the National Transport Strategy was developed with an ambitious goal to reduce emissions by 18 per cent by 2030.” Al-Jasser said that the Saudi Green Initiative, launched by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, underscored the importance of paying attention to achieving sustainability and making it at the core of environmental initiatives.

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