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Maiden Arabian Cargo Awards triumph in the ME

The Arabian Cargo Awards acknowledged the hard work and dedication of air cargo and logistics experts. Leading logistics and supply chain firms were able to find themselves on common platform at the awards ceremony.

- Abigail Mathias

The maiden Arabian Cargo Awards 2023 in the metropolis of Dubai was etched as a grand success. Held to celebrate the outstanding achievements of the air cargo and logistics industry, the event was attended by stalwarts from the fraternity. The event was held on 24 October 2023 in Sofitel Downtown Dubai.

With the support of various partners, including prominent members of dnata, National Association of Freight and Logistics (NAFL), international ground handling legends to name a few, the event was pulled off with distinction.

Leading logistics and supply chain companies from across the spectrum of the Middle East were able to find themselves on common ground, despite their various areas of expertise, through the umbrella of these distinct awards. The cargo awards also provided a unique platform to acknowledge those who stood out for their remarkable contributions and those who are shaping the future of the logistics and air cargo industry. It was a remarkable opportunity to honour the ‘heroes’ of the air cargo industry who carried out the last-mile delivery no matter the distance or the inclement weather.

As a key player in the air cargo and logistics sector, industry members were invited to be a part of this prestigious occasion by nominating individuals, companies, or projects who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and innovation within the field from across the spectrum of the Middle East. The Arabian Cargo Awards have been conceived to honour and recognize the exceptional efforts of those individuals and organizations that continue to play a pivotal role in the dynamic world of air cargo and logistics.

In his welcome address, SanJeet, Mentor, Arabian Cargo Awards, said, “As we gather here to celebrate, let us also remember the crucial role that air cargo and logistics play in the global supply chain and the way it affects our daily lives. The Arabian Cargo Awards aims to shine a spotlight on the tireless work behind the scenes, which ensures that goods move seamlessly across borders, contributing to economic growth and prosperity. Voting is carefully monitored to avoid duplication and ensure transparency. I am proud to say that over 23,000 votes have been cast for this edition of the awards.”

He said, “The awards are not just an event; it is a celebration of the spirit of innovation, perseverance, and commitment that defines the air cargo and logistics industry. It is a platform to acknowledge remarkable achievements, applaud tireless endeavour and inspire all those involved in this industry to continue reaching for new heights. I would like to stop here and want you to take a second and look around the room—you are looking at the leaders, stalwarts, and innovators of the industry.”

The awards are divided into 4 categories:

· Personal awards: For the legends and leaders of today and tomorrow. These are stalwarts of the industry and even youngsters who are aiming to change the industry in the future.

· Business awards: These awards are for the organizations who have set a benchmark in their respective fields and have consistently exceeded their own expectations.

· Trending awards: Decided by critics, these are for individuals who have done some extraordinary work in this field.

· Partner awards: These are for our partners who have contributed to make this event a grand success.

The process starts with an online nomination. The form itself is thought provoking and encourages participants to think about what sets them apart. Online voting commenced shortly thereafter and then a jury decided the winners.

On the awards night, guests were invited to an exclusive evening of entertainment. On their arrival, the esteemed guests were invited to network and mingle with others from the logistics industry. The grand event then began in

style with a unique ribbon cutting ceremony. This was followed by the launch of the first Collector’s Edition of the Arabian Cargo Awards—a tailor-made coffee table book, which includes anecdotes and illustrious history of the stalwarts from the Middle East’s logistics industry.

Celebration of industry stalwarts

The Arabian Cargo Awards, a gala event like no other in the region, then celebrated the very individuals who have moulded the industry into what it stands as today—an indomitable force to be reckoned with. Considered to be akin to the ‘Oscars’ of the industry, the winners were presented with the ‘Maya’ statuette and a special certificate acknowledging their win. The ‘Maya,’ is a statue that is made of fiber glass and is designed, especially for these awards. It depicts the grandeur of the event and is admired by all worthy recipients.

The ceremony

Anchored in a distinctive blend of jury judgment and voting, these awards embody a beacon of fairness and impartiality. This journey culminated in a grand Black-Tie ceremony that exuded sophistication and grace, attracting eminent figures from the air cargo and logistics sector.

With an exclusive guest list, the Arabian Cargo Awards lived up to its reputation of delivering with excellence. The event was graced by Chief Guest, Shahab Al Jassmi, Senior Vice President Port and Terminals Commercial GCC for DP World UAE, who expressed his enthusiasm for being part of this momentous occasion.

“I think the most important aspect of this event is the meeting and exchange between key people in the industry. This event is the right platform for us to meet, exchange ideas and of course understand what is next for all of us. Congratulations to all of you for being part of such a growing, innovative, and successful industry. The Arabian Cargo Awards have been convened to recognize this excellence, hard work, and success, thereby making logistics synonymous with progress, development, and opportunity.”

SanJeet said, “The Arabian Cargo Awards are our way to say thank you to the air cargo and logistics industry and motivate you all to grow further.”

The Arabian Cargo Awards particularly acknowledge the exceptional efforts and initiatives undertaken in a period marked by dramatic challenges, from lockdowns and staff shortages to changes in cargo handling operations and softening demand.

These awards celebrate global initiatives and highlight the resilience of the industry. The event was supported by esteemed media partners such as CargoTV.News, CargoTalk Middle East, and Cargo Breaking News.


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