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Mammoet poised to transport world’s largest electric crane

In a boost to heavy equipment moving in the GCC, heavy lift and transport specialist Mammoet has announced that work is underway on the world’s largest electric crane — SK6000 — which once completed will set a new standard for heavy lifting abilities globally.

Estimated to be the highest-capacity electric crane, the 6,000-tonne ring model is capable of lifting 3,000t components at 220m hook height. It offers a hook height, outreach and lifting capacityfar in excess of any crane on the market. According to Mammoet, the first components have been fabricated for its SK6000 ring crane. It becomes not only the world’s largest crane, but the highest-capacity electric crane on the planet – behind Mammoet’s own 5,000t capacity SK350.

By utilizing Mammoet’s electric SPMT power pack system, a fully electric land-based marshaling and load-out scope is now possible.

“The first parts for the SK6000 have been produced at Mammoet’s fabricator in the Netherlands, and work is continuing ahead of the first phase of its assembly programme later this year,” said a company spokesman.

Building on the established design of the SK350 series, it will support the sector asoffshore wind components grow in size and travel larger distances to site.

“The SK6000 is capable of lifting 3,000t components at 220m hook height, and it has a maximum radius of 144m. This allows customers to safeguard the schedules of projects, even as turbine towers, nacelles and blades expand at break-neck pace,” he explained.


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