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Petromin and NEOM to operate truck service centre

The Petromin Corporation, has received the handover of NEOM’s Heavy Machinery and Truck Service Centre, solidifying its position in the developing region. In partnership with NEOM, the sustainable region taking shape in northwest Saudi Arabia, Petromin is set to redefine maintenance performance to meet the ever-increasing demand from the workers building the NEOM region, including the breathtaking regional project of ‘the Line’. Ideally located between NEOM’s key projects, the Truck Service Center is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and facilities management solutions such as a dedicated water recycling plant and solar energy generation system. As NEOM continues to thrive and take shape at an accelerated pace, the need for top-notch maintenance and repairs for trucks, heavy machinery, buses, and various other vehicles, performed on a timely basis has become paramount. “The partnership between NEOM and Petromin brings together expertise, resources, and opportunities,” said Kalyana Sivagnanam, Group CEO, Petromin.


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