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QAC’s vital Airlink collab helps offer US$2.1 mn in relief

Qatar Airways Cargo and disaster response non-profit Airlink have teamed up to coordinate shipments to several disaster-stricken countries. On renewing its strong partnership in April 2022, Qatar Airways Cargo and Airlink have delivered 58 shipments on behalf of 22 organisations offering 2.1 million USD in transportation relief, mobilising 351 tonnes of humanitarian supplies to 17 countries. Which helps an estimated 5.8 million people worldwide. Much needed aid has been sent to several countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Philippines, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Bangladesh, Türkiye, and Syria. The types of cargo flown are medicines, medical supplies, hospital beds, solar equipment, nutritional supplements, water and sanitation supplies, tarps, blankets, hygiene kits, and food assistance. The partnership with Qatar Airways Cargo also benefits Airlink’s nonprofit partners as well who assist global communities impacted by disasters and other humanitarian cities around the world. As part of the renewed contract that is in effect until April 2025, the cargo carrier is expected to mobilise 500 tonnes of relief supplies free of charge.

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