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‘Ramadan hits last-mile delivery of reactive logistics processes’

The Holy Month of Ramadan sees variations in e-commerce trends and people’s buying patterns. Logistics providers and retailers across the region have noticed a surge in consumer activity, Soham Chokshi, CEO and Co-Founder, Shipsy, said.

“Retail, food, and grocery businesses have witnessed a significant surge in home deliveries. For instance, food application use can increase by 55 per cent during Ramadan in MENA regions and North Africa.

However, reactive logistics management processes, last-mile delivery (LMD), inaccurate addresses, and the absence of system-driven preventive/corrective assistance delay issue identification and stakeholder notification, prolonging decision-making and impact SLA compliance.

” By achieving these efficiencies, businesses across the UAE and the Middle East can reduce annual follow-ups by up to 82 per cent, eliminate routing errors by 34 per cent, boost SLA adherence by 21 per cent, and increase shipment processing throughput by 4x,” he said.


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