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Rhenus Air transports 35 flamingos from Italy to KSA

Rhenus Air & Ocean ensured a stress-free air journey on a Lufthansa Cargo flight from Malpensa Airport to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 35 flamingos in specially designed and properly ventilated crates, equipped with watering and food appropriate to their breed, at a comfortable temperature and light, Paola Calloni, Air Freight Manager, Rhenus Air & Ocean in Italy said, in a release. Before takeoff, the flamingos underwent a thorough veterinary check at Malpensa Airport, assuring their health and traceability for the adventure ahead. The colourful travellers included Cuban, Chilean and Greater flamingos, making it a spectacular avian crew of different heights and sizes, ranging from 110 to 150 cm in height, wingspans spanning from 90 to 170 cm and weights varying from 2 to 4 kg. The meticulous planning and execution ensured the safe relocation of all 35 flamingos to their new KSA home, showcasing the expertise and extra-care of Rhenus in Live Animals shipments.


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