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SAF production to reach 55 MT by year 2028: IATA

IATA announced its expectation for overall renewable fuel production to reach an estimated capacity of 55 million tons by 2028. SAF will comprise a portion of this growing output, which is being achieved through new renewable fuel refineries and the expansion of existing facilities. “The expected production increase is encouraging. Seeing this, we need governments to act to ensure that SAF gets its fair production share. That means, in the first instance, production incentives, to support aviation’s energy transition. And we need continued approval for more diversification of methods and feedstocks available for SAF production. With these measures in place, we can be confident that the expected 2028 production levels will be aligned with our recently published roadmaps to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. That is important as we are counting on SAF to provide about 62% of the carbon mitigation needed in 2050,” said Willie Walsh, Director General, IATA.


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