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Second MENA SCM logistics event discusses LMD solutions

The 2nd MENA SCM LOG 5.0 Supply Chain Practice Leaders’ Summit hosted a series of panel

discussions, one which included last-mile delivery (LMD) solutions, according to a statement. It illuminated the role of enhancing the final leg of the supply chain. The event was held in Dubai on May 1, 2024. Logistics industry experts delved into strategies and technologies reshaping LMD in the MENA region, stressing the need for agility, sustainability, and customer-centricity. From autonomous vehicles to drone delivery, the discourse explored diverse solutions tailored to the MENA’s market landscape’s challenges. The panel’s insights underscored the collaborative efforts among stakeholders to optimise efficiency, reduce costs, and exceed customer expectations in the logistics ecosystem. Kunwar Keshav, Regional VP, EMEA, Shipsy and Amit Bhatia, Supply chain director, LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics, IMEA, spoke about how technology platforms such as Shipsy are enabling companies achieve digital transformation by ensuring customer delight. Later, a discussion on whether e-commerce is sustainable or not was held.


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