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Warehousing solutions Acme Intralog to tackle food storage

Acme Intralog, the regional leader in warehousing solutions, is expected to highlight the latest AI, automation and robotic warehousing solutions tailored for the food and beverage industry, at the Gulfood Manufacturing in November 2023. According to Navin Narayan, CEO, Acme Intralog: “With the focus on food security and the vision to be self reliant, the Middle East has been seeing large investments in food production using the latest technologies as well as higher capacities being built up. Food distributor warehouses have traditionally focused on having high SKU density and and a high dependence on manual sorting. As production linked warehouses become more dominant we see that our automation solutions based on AI and robotics, can improve space utilization, storage capacity and ensure that the supply chain does not face any bottlenecks.”

Acme has worked with large supermarket chains in the region, having implemented a push-tray-sorter solution for one of the largest chains, to sort over 8,000 trays of fruits and vegetables per hour, destined for various store shelves in the UAE. The company has also set up an innovative distribution center comprising of over 40,000 pallet locations for one of the largest, regional dairy manufacturers in Jeddah. With a high density Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS) for pallets, combined with an automated truck unloading and WMS storage solution, the customer’s facility is now able to unload 32 pallets from their customized trucks into the automated warehouse in under 3 minutes. The AS/RS can process approximately 160 pallets per hour with minimal human intervention. Acme recently completed a robotic end-of line solution for the same customer in Riyadh, which includes 12 high-speed palletisation zones and rail-guided vehicles that can handle up to 220 pallets per hour.


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