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Axian Group’s last-mile provider makes inroads into rest of GCC

Axian Group has recently announced its strategic investment in Bosta, a startup revolutionising the delivery processing and logistics landscape in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

As per a release, leveraging cutting-edge technology, Bosta’s platform optimises first, middle, and last-mile delivery, providing unmatched efficiency and convenience to its users.

The startup’s innovative approach ensures a seamless distribution process, offering a guaranteed next-day delivery service across the globe. To date, Bosta has successfully delivered over 10 million shipments, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

Bosta’s unique delivery model relies on a network of independent drivers who are compensated for each successful delivery, effectively handling the first and last miles. The middle mile, for inter-city couriers, is managed through a fleet of leased vans.

Following a successful pre-Series B fundraising round, Bosta expanded its operations to Saudi Arabia in 2022.  As Bosta continues to pioneer advancements in technology and delivery services, this collaboration marks a significant step towards transforming the e-commerce and logistics sectors in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

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