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B&H Worldwide helps aircraft engine logistics for T’Way Air

B&H Worldwide facilitated the movement of two CFM56 aircraft engines for South Korea-based T’Way Air, James Lim, Powerplant Engineer, T’Way Air, said. The engines were shipped from Seoul to Singapore for routine servicing at ST Engineering Aerospace Engine Centre.

B&H Worldwide partnered with BTL Global Logistics, who appointed B&H to manage the movement within Singapore. Due to regulations, Korean Airlines only ships HAZMAT out of Singapore once a week.

They collaborated with ST Engineering Aerospace Engine Centre to confirm the engine was purged of flammable liquids and obtained an official non-regulated declaration. This step allowed B&H Worldwide to secure a last-minute spot on a Korean Airlines flight for Wednesday, meeting T’Way’s deadline.

“We are grateful for the support provided by B&H Worldwide during this situation,” he said. “B&H Worldwide’s seamless collaboration throughout this process was instrumental in a successful outcome,” H.G. Kim, CEO, BTL Global Logistics, averred.


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