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Budapest airport alters cargo operations through ACS

Kale Logistics Solutions has announced its collabo-ration with Budapest airport to transform cargo operations by implementing its cutting-edge Airport Cargo Community System (ACCS), József Kossuth, Director, Cargo, Budapest airport, said.

The partnership between Kale Info Solutions B.V. (Kale Info) and the airport marks a milestone in streamlining cargo operations at Budapest airport. at one of Europe’s busiest airports. 

Presently, various cargo handlers and integrators use separate IT systems for data collection, reporting and transmission:

To the airport and the relevant authorities. Kale’s innovative ACS system provides stakeholders with enhanced visibility and transparency, enabling the real-time tracking and monitoring of cargo movements, incorporating automated regulatory compliance checks, which further streamlines operations, ensuring adherence to industry standards.

The airport aims to become the main cargo hub in the Central and Eastern European region. We are on the right track, as the dedicated development of the BUD Cargo City in recent years has provided world-class infra, which, combined with better connectivity and a tight-knit cargo community, attracts more partners, Kossuth said.


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