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‘Crucial to use cybersecurity protocols for cargo transactions’

“In the air cargo industry, cybersecurity protects critical data and operations. It includes robust network security, cargo tracking systems, access controls, vulnerability management, and incident response planning, Ali Javaheri, CEO, Shiplifier, said. On-going employee training ensures awareness, while compliance with regulations and supply chain security measures fortify defenses. Participating in threat intelligence sharing initiatives strengthens the collective cybersecurity defense of the industry against emerging threats,” he added. Javaheri’s company works along with logistics companies to transport goods within the country. The company was set up as a key solution to e-commerce businesses to secure reduced shipping rates from multiple shipping companies. “We work closely with the courier companies that we have partnered with to ensure all the data sent from our application to them and vice versa is done securely and follows rigid cyber security protocols and standards. For example, we receive live tracking from the multiple courier companies through webhook handshakes that we have designed for each company, which ensures the information we are receiving has not been manipulated or intercepted,” Javaheri added.


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