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DHL biomethane facility soon, to fuel 150 trucks

DHL Group’s contract logistics division, DHL Supply Chain, announced a US$85 million investment into a dedicated biomethane production facility in Cork, Ireland, run by biogas developer Stream BioEnergy. DHL stated it will begin operating biomethane-fueled trucks, and, in this regard, has committed to a 10-year deal with Stream BioEnergy, with the new facility providing fuel for up to 150 trucks. The company stated the agreement will result in an annual carbon reduction of 15,000 tonnes. Biomethane, or renewable natural gas (RNG), is likely to play a critical role in the transition to cleaner energy sources. Biomethane is produced from organic waste, such as agricultural, industrial, and household wastes, and is chemically identical to fossil-based natural gas. DHL stated the deployment of biomethane trucks, and the investment in biomethane production will support its efforts to achieve its 2050 net zero target.


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