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DHL expands emergency response programme

DHL has expanded its GoHelp programme to Europe following a rise in the number of catastrophes hitting the continent in recent years, Christoph Selig, Vice President, Sustainability Communications and Programmes, DHL Group, said. The new GoHelp Europe team is divided into two areas: disaster response (DRT) and disaster preparedness. The European DRT team is holding its first training session between April 19 and 21 at Istanbul Airport. The Get Airports Ready for Disaster programme collaborates with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to prepare airport personnel and local disaster management organizations to better manage incoming relief goods.

“With recent extreme weather changes we’re extending GoHelp’s reach and impact to Europe after a successful implementation over the past 15 years in Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region. This expansion reflects our commitment to contributing our core logistics expertise to support those affected by disasters, ensuring a more efficient and coordinated disaster response.”


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