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EGME is distributor of SANY electric trucks in UAE

Emirates Global Motor Electric (EGME) signed a pact with SANY to obtain distributorship for the latter’s light and heavy-duty electric trucks. Ahmed Abdeljalil Alfahim, Chairman, Al Fahim Group, said, “We are excited to announce our pact with SANY, which is in line with our shared goal of promoting electric mobility solutions in the UAE.” The partnership will allow EGME to expand their product line and SANY to introduce electric trucks in the UAE. EGME, a member of Al Fahim Group, offers electric mobility solutions with the aim of promoting sustainable mobility options across the region. Alfahim and Liang Linhe, Chairman, SANY, signed the agreement on 18 September 2023, in the presence of Hany Tawfik, Head, EGME. The pact aims to promote sustainable mobility solutions across the UAE and lay the groundwork for a cleaner mobility sector.


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