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Fits Cargo on WebCargo online booking  & payment platform

Sri Lanka-based Fits Cargo, which combines physical airline operations and interline pacts with 160 carriers, has joined Freightos WebCargo online booking and payment platform, Zameer Marikkar, Chief Commercial Officer said.

The collaboration allows Fits Cargo to offer its service to WebCargo’s network of forwarders and carriers, he added. The platform offers live air cargo rate distribution and bookings between airlines and over 3,500 forwarders with a total of 10,000 offices between them.

“WebCargo’s e-booking solution and interline platform extends our global reach and connectivity, giving us visibility and access to new markets, seamless transactions and eBookings for our clients, bolstering Fits Cargo’s market presence,” he asserted. 

“The interline partners can now get instant capacity to popular destinations in Africa, the Caribbean, Asia Pacific and South America, which translates into better reach and operations for freight forwarders in 10,000 offices worldwide,” Manel Galindo, Chief Revenue Officer, WebCargo, said.



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