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New supply chain facility to handle perishables

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Airlines follow strict protocol when it comes to handling fresh produce. Fabrice Panza, Manager, Global Cool Chain Solutions, Commercial Division, GDP Pharma Manager, Etihad Cargo said it offers us insights into mechanics of these operations.

Handling fresh produce is a delicate aspect of cargo handling. “To remain our customers’ air cargo partner of choice, Etihad Cargo routinely invested and added features to our premium product range, including PharmaLife for shipment of pharma, healthcare or life sciences commodities and FreshForward for shipment of perishable fresh produce, including fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, fish, meat and flowers.”

Ensuring safe and on-time delivery of perishables and pharma cargo is why Etihad Cargo became IATA CEIV Fresh and Pharma certified, becoming one of the first Middle East airlines to hold both certifications and one of only two carriers to have achieved this dual honour in the same year.

“Holding IATA CEIV Pharma certification proves our compliance with specific pharma regulations in terms of good distribution practices, a quality system for warehouses and distribution centres dedicated to medicines. Being IATA CEIV fresh-certified demonstrates Etihad Cargo’s compliance with perishable cargo regulations, ensuring food safety and a reduction in waste, which, in turn, reinforces trust among our customers and enables us to implement best practices across the cold supply chain.” Etihad Cargo ensures perishables are delivered in the best condition possible through processes that provides visibility and offer robust traceability and tracking.

“Through the adoption and utilization of digital traceability, we work with our clients to help them validate the product safety’s authenticity, provenance and health or sustainability claims. The processes we follow ensure the data we collect, track, and share gives unrivalled visibility across journey of perishable cargo. To expand pharma handling capabilities, we will be launching our new cool chain facility in October. The 3,300 sq. mt. facility comprises latest technology,” he added.

Fresh step Forward

In addition to our new PharmaLife centre, we have refurbished our perishables handling and storage facility. Our enhanced centre will provide smoother transfers to Etihad Cargo’s FreshForward truck fleet when products need to be delivered in the United Arab Emirates or be handed over to the consignee at Abu Dhabi Airport, making the end-to-end journey of perishables easier and safer.”

- Abigail Mathias


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