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Kale to implement air cargo system in Istanbul airport

Kale Logistics Solutions (Kale) will implement an air cargo community system—Airport Kargo Paydaş Platformu—in Istanbul Grand Airport (İGA), making it the first airport in Turkey to embark on digitalizing cargo data exchange. It has been implemented in collaboration with TroyNet. “For more than a decade, we have been combining its industry knowledge and experience of working with 100 air cargo stations to help airports transform into smart logistics hubs,” said Vineet Malhotra, Director and Co-Founder, Kale Logistics Solutions. Selahattin Bilgen, Deputy CEO, İGA, said “The platform will assist İGA in becoming a regional cargo transfer centre for the world’s leading cargo companies by facilitating end-to-end digitalisation, enhancing efficiency, streamlining procedures among others.” Istanbul is a critical air cargo connection point, and we are determined to develop and expand our air cargo network. “We want to take our place in the sector as one of the world’s most important global transfer centres and with this system, we will encourage digital trade, facilitate business, and establish a digital infra to ensure that cargo moves faster at the least possible cost.”


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