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OIA to invest US$4.7 bn in new & existing projects

Oman Investment Authority’s (OIA) newly launched Future Fund Oman has allocated US$4.7 billion for investing in new or existing large-scale projects in the country over the next five years, OIA stated in a statement. It will allocate 90 per cent of the new fund’s US$5.2 billion capital to investing directly in commercially and economically viable new or existing large-scale projects located in the country. While 7 per cent of the capital is allocated towards funding support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the remaining 3 per cent is set to be invested in startups. The investments, at the rate of approximately US$1billion annually, will be directed mainly towards eight sectors, namely ports and logistics, tourism, manufacturing, green energy, fisheries, agriculture, mining, and information and communication technologies.


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