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‘Planning vital in ferrying dangerous goods in ME’

“In the ME, ferrying of harmful goods by air cargo is subject to ensure safety. Certifications, including IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, align with standards set by ICAO,” said Manju Kezhedath, Sr. Manager, Corporate Sales, Orient Cargo. Each country in the Middle East may have requirements that complement these global standards and limitations. “Acquiring certification to transport DG goods via air cargo involves comprehensive training, with a minimum of 2 DG staff at a specific location. This training is typically offered by accredited institutions and airlines. It covers aspects such as identification of packing, labelling, and mastering safety procedures. Companies must ensure that their staff, particularly those involved in handling DG, are trained and certified as per IATA DGR guidelines. A designated area to handle DG items at warehouse and annual inspection by GCAA and renewals complete the procedure.”


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