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Port of Salalah registers new record in general cargo handling

The Port of Salalah, one of the largest multi-purpose ports in the Middle East handled 18.5 million metric tons (MMT) of general cargo in 2022, thereby achieving a new record. In January 2023, the trend of handling general cargo of 1.9 MMT of general cargo continued. After being ranked as the second container port in the world in 2021, the Port of Salalah has continued to drive its Container Terminal performance. In the first quarter of 2023, it broke previous Port Moves Per Hour (PMPH) records and exceeded 200 PMPH. Higher efficiency leads to reduced port stays for shipping lines, saving time, reducing environmental impact, and lowering costs.

The port’s focus on lean methodologies to increase efficiency is being recognized by customers. Five Kaizen events were held past quarter and two Kaikaku Kaizens were used to identify more radical improvements. The company’s employees joined to map processes and identified improvements that increase quality while eliminating waste. Among other things, the events focused on improving crane productivity, mobile ship loader operations and safety enhancements.


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