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Sultanate’s aviation sector growth surges by 128.2%

The aviation sector in Oman has taken center stage as global flights surged by 128.2 per cent this year, as per National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI). The upswing reflects the air cargo industry and a thriving passenger travel sector, driven by airport expansions and enhanced connectivity. Oman’s strategic geographical positioning as a gateway between continents positions it perfectly to capitalize on the global air freight boom. Roadways witnessed 23.6 per cent increase in new constructions in 2022, expanding Oman’s extensive network. This was evident in a 3.3 per cent increase in registered vehicles and 29.9 per cent of total new driving licenses issued. With projects such as Oman Logistics Hub and port developments in Salalah and Duqm on the horizon, the future of Omani logistics appears promising. Continuous investments in technology, infrastructure, and skilled personnel are deemed critical to sustaining this momentum and solidifying Oman’s position as a regional logistics powerhouse.

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