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USA-based ATSG delivers third 767-300P2F to Uzbek carrier

Uzbekistan carrier, My Freighter, has taken the delivery of its third Boeing 767-300 passenger to freighter (P2F) aircraft from USA-based Air Transport Services Group (ATSG), Paul Chase, Chief Commercial Officer, ATSG, said.

“Our expanding ties with My Freighter exemplifies the tangible value of our Lease+Plus strategy. The Boeing 767-300 continues to be the freighter of choice among e-commerce integrators and express carriers as it provides the operational flexibility and efficiency to build those networks,” he added.

ATSG’s subsidiary, Airborne Global Leasing, carried out the delivery in alignment with ATSG’s Lease+Plus strategy. In addition to the airline’s three 767-300P2Fs, it also has one 747-200F. Freighters are operated under ‘My Freighter Cargo Airlines’ and the airline’s specialist air cargo verticals include dangerous goods, perishables and brokerage and certification.


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