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79% harness tech to boost last-mile metrics: report

Seventy-nine per cent of businesses across the UAE, Indonesia, and other Asian countries are harnessing technology to enhance their last-mile efficiency and a staggering 84 per cent have lack of confidence in their processes to drive growth, according to a newly published research report. Data from these responses shows 40 per cent of businesses in Asia have scratched the surface of tech-driven last-mile prowess. Mehul Kapadia, CRO, Locus said, “Solving last-mile challenges requires an understanding of one’s business’s last-mile maturity. So, to help businesses gauge their maturity and supercharge their last-mile growth, we recently launched the Last-Mile Maturity Assessment.” The report decodes Asia’s Last-Mile Maturity, uncovering insights into last-mile logistics in these countries. It also shows progress and gaps in the ecosystem and the role of technology in driving business success. These findings underscore that there is widespread adoption of technology in industry. However, many businesses are not able to leverage it to its full potential.


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