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85% harmful goods experts say their infra far ahead: IATA

IATA Labelmaster, and Hazardous Cargo Bulletin announced the results of their eighth annual 2023 Global Dangerous Goods Confidence Outlook. Nick Careen, Senior VP, Operations, Safety & Security, IATA, said, “85 per cent of people believe the infrastructure is on par or ahead of the industry.” While organizations showed improvement in their dangerous goods operations over the past one year, the survey underscored the need to reduce process complexity and enhance digitalization to address future supply chain and regulatory challenges, he said. “Confidence among the experts is high, yet the challenges remain. These include process complexity, the mis-declaration of harmful goods recruitment of skilled personnel. To meet the future growth in dangerous goods shipments, we need well-trained professionals following globally agreed standards and supported by the right technology and infrastructure, he added.


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