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Amid e-commerce boom, EMX to streamline parcel deliveries

EMX International (EMX) is set to streamline e-commerce parcel deliveries, reducing logistics complexities and operational costs for businesses in the GCC. The new service consolidates shipments to GCC, allowing companies to utilise Dubai as a gateway and optimise logistics. “Our overarching goal at EMX is to expand our service offerings, penetrate new markets, and meet diverse needs. With EMX, the future of logistics is within reach, and it is more connected than ever,” Al Wahedi, General Manager, EMX, said. EMX launched EMX International to streamline e-commerce parcel delivery across the GCC region. EMX handles first and last-mile deliveries, including customs clearance, for two to four-day transit times. As e-commerce in GCC grew 33 per cent annually from 2019-2022, the market is likely to reach US$50 billion by 2025.



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