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Aramco-DHL launch ASMO, transform logistics in KSA

“Aramco and DHL Supply Chain have formed a JV—Advanced Supply Management Operations (ASMO)—a procurement and logistics services hub in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” Salem Al Huraish, Chairman, ASMO, said.

“We have formed the firm with a vision to set up sustainable solutions for the modern supply chain challenges we all face. In forming this alliance, we are intent on creating value by driving efficiencies, and enhancing the reliability of supplies, making them less vulnerable to disruptions, while focusing on sustainability and lowering CO2 emissions,” he said.

Wail Al Jaafari, Executive VP, Technical Services, Aramco said, “ASMO will not only work on advancing the economic interests of Aramco and DHL but plans to also help accelerate growth across the industrial sector of KSA and the MENA region, while supporting the Kingdom’s 2030 vision of becoming a global logistics hub.”

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