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B20 biofuel to power vehicle fleet of ADNOC Distribution

ADNOC Distribution has announced its UAE heavy vehicle fleet, supplying main fuels, will be powered by B20 biofuel, targeting a 15 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions from the fleet. The company’s fleet plays a crucial role in supplying fuels and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to corporate customers. Bader Saeed Al Lamki, CEO, ADNOC Distribution, said, “We are delivering on our commitment to using biofuel to power our fleet and help reduce our carbon intensity by 25 per cent by 2030. By incorporating B20 biofuel into our operations, ADNOC Distribution is taking a vital step toward securing a more sustainable future. This initiative underscores ADNOC Distribution’s dedication to a future-focused strategy and supports the UAE’s Net Zero by 2050 strategic initiatives.” Through this initiative, which reduces carbon emissions associated with transportation, ADNOC Distribution underscores its commitment to take tangible steps that enable sustainable mobility. This initiative is a step forward in the firm’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and aligning with ADNOC Group’s efforts to deliver on its accelerated decarbonization plan.

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