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Bahrain exports of national products rise by 17% in Feb

Kingdom of Bahrain’s exports of products of national origin increased by 17 per cent to BD336 million (US$892 million) in February 2024, compared to BD287 million for the same month in 2023, stated Information & eGovernment Authority.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with BD93 million (28%), ranked first among countries where Bahrain’s national products were exported. The UAE was second with BD43 million (13%) and the USA was third with BD31 million (9%) were included in the top 10 countries, which accounted for 74 per cent of the total export value.

As per the report, the value of imports has increased by 9 per cent, reaching BD475 million during February 2024 in comparison with BD435 million in the corresponding month in 2023. The total value of re-exports increased by 0.01% to reach BD63.07 million during February 2024, compared to BD63.06 million for the same month in 2023.


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