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Bahrain’s Texel Air expands, operates from Auckland

Texel Air, an established cargo airline and MRO based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is expanding operations into Australasia with B737- 800BCF. Texel Air Australasia was officially launched on 10 June 2023 from Auckland International Airport as New Zealand’s newest airline operating the B737- 800BCF. Texel Air Australasia will be adding two more B737-800BCFs to the fleet by December 2023. Texel Air Bahrain operates Boeing 737 freighter aircraft from Bahrain International Airport with two B737-700FC aircraft, two B737-800BCFs and one B737-300F. The Texel Air group plans to expand its fleet to 10 aircraft by 2026, flying in Australia and New Zealand and between the two countries, supporting clients through ACMI services for the express, post and general cargo markets. It may be noted Texel Air Bahrain has been operating B737-300F (A9C – APC) in New Zealand since 3 April 2023. In attendance were representatives of the Bahrain Civil Aviation Authority.

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