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CargoAi new service to make securing spot cargo easier

CargoAi has launched a new feature designed to make the process of finding and securing available spot cargo easier and more efficient, Matt Petot, Chief Executive, CargoAi, said. The Air Freight Load Board enables airlines to access a database of available freight, plus detailed cargo specifications, directly in their CargoMART Airline App.

This new feature focuses on search functionality by allowing users to browse through a wide range of available freight listings, tailored to specific preferences and requirements.  “With the launch of the Air Freight Load Board, we complete our value proposition allowing forwarders to manage spot requests across airlines, previously available, and now giving the airlines the ability to proactively find these opportunities,” he said.

It also offers real-time updates on available cargo, enhanced market visibility to enable carriers to make informed decisions and optimise their operations, and direct connections with the right contacts, eliminating the need for intermediary communication and accelerating the booking process.


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