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Cloud tech enables agility in logistics of KSA: KPMG

Cloud technology has been identified as a key enabler of business agility in logistics sectors in KSA, according to KPMG’s 2023 Supply Chains Trend Report. The Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services has aimed to grow the local logistics sector’s market size to US$15.31 billion by 2030, as part of a broader strategy to position KSA as a leading global logistics hub. The adoption of cloud technology can improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and responsiveness of not just organizations, but supply chain networks of entire nations. According to Leopoldo Boado Lama, Senior VP, Business Applications, ECEMEA at Oracle, cloud technology can revolutionize Saudi Arabia’s supply chain sector. He explains that organizations that develop the right digital infrastructure can get products to market faster, build more resilient supply chains, improve brand loyalty, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce operational costs.


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