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DHL Group in Middle East pilot new system to use SAF

Neste, ISCC and DHL Group joined forces to test a system through which airlines, logistics service providers and end customers can credibly report emission reduction achieved by using SAF to reduce their emissions from air travel and transport. Prof. Dr. Gernot Klepper, Chairman, ISCC Association, said, “The ISCC has developed the system as a continuation of our established and globally used supply chain certification systems. With the ISCC Credit Transfer System, we provide a solution for traceable and credible Scope 1 and 3 emission reduction claims related to SAF use.” As part of this pact, the firms piloted the ISCC Credit Transfer System, developed by ISCC, an independent, multi-stakeholder driven non-profit organization with a long history in supply chain certification wherein SAF use and related sustainability benefits emission reductions, are tracked via a registry operated by ISCC. The new ISCC Credit Transfer System is a big step forward as it also integrates with existing sustainability certification system. As the leading producer of SAF, Neste tested the system with ISCC in cooperation with DHL Group earlier this year. For DHL Group is aiming for 30 per cent SAF use by 2030.


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