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Digitalisation is cargo industry’s blessing in disguise: Sullivan

“Digitalisation is a blessing in disguise for the air cargo industry. This has not happened as fast as any of us would have liked. But progress is real. And it’s making international trade more efficient,” Brendan Sullivan, Global Head, Cargo, World Cargo Symposium, IATA, said, in his opening remarks.

“Air cargo volumes are now firmly back to pre-pandemic levels. The challenge now is to ensure that air cargo growth is efficient, safe and aligned with achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. “Our call to action is clear: Governments must consistently implement global standards, supply chain partners need to collaborate to overcome shared challenges, and the entire industry must align to ensure a unified and effective approach to digitalisation,” he assured.

Through the hard work of the air cargo industry, the building blocks are in place to significantly accelerate progress in all these areas, Sullivan added. The WCS took place recently from March 12 to 14 in Hong Kong.



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