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dnata achieves monumental sustainability milestones

On World Environment Day, dnata announced impressive sustainability achievements over the past year. “The company reduced carbon intensity by over 8 per cent, 22 per cent, and 26 per cent in its airport operations, travel, and catering businesses, respectively,” Steve Allen, CEO, said. “It is encouraging to see the tangible impact of our global investments and initiatives on our environmental performance. Achieving meaningful results requires a collective effort and flexible approach from multiple stakeholders,” he emphasised. The company also reduced carbon intensity by 8.4 per cent for ground handling and cargo, 26.3 per cent for catering, and 22.5 per cent for travel. These figures were verified by Verifavia. dnata’s engagement with biofuel suppliers has led to significant emission reductions, such as replacing over 674,000 litres of diesel with hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO100) at Schiphol airport.



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